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What is Powder Brow?

Powder brow is an eyebrow tattoo with a soft, powder finish


Is Powder Brow painful?

The pain is minimal and very tolerable. We also use topical anesthetics for our clients to have a comfortable experience

Is Powder Brow safe?

Yes it is very safe. We use pre-sterilized and disposable needles and equipment for every customer to ensure that there is no cross-contamination

Is Powder Brow permanent? / Is Powder Brow a tattoo?

Yes. Essentially, any procedure that requires breaking the skin and implanting pigment into it is considered a tattoo. Therefore, powder brow is a tattoo and is also permanent. However, just because it is permanent doesn't mean that it doesn't need to be maintained.

How long does the ink last on the skin? / How often do I need to get a retouch?

Color retention vaires per person and also depends on other various factors such as: sun exposure, skin type and skin care products but if you want to maintain the shape and color, a retouch every 2-5 years would be advisable.

Won't eyebrow tattoos sag as we age?

No. Tattoos don't sag but our skin does. If the designed shape coincides closely with the natural eyebrow shape, your tattooed brows shouldn't separate from the natural one and you wouldn't end up with two eyebrows as commonly believed.

How is Powder Brow different from a regular eyebrow tattoo?

The finish of powder brows is soft, making it look more natural and subtle than the old style of eyebrow tattooing which looks very harsh and strong

How many hours does the procedure take?

Best to set aside at least 2 hours to include anesthesia setting, eyebrow shaping and the tattoo procedure itself

How do I book for an appointment?

We require a down payment which you can either drop off at the studio or transfer through Paypal or bank deposit account to block your desired schedule. You may also walk in but whether we can accommodate you, will depend on the artist's availability and workload for that day

What are your payment methods?

We only accept cash

How do I prepare myself before the procedure?

Please read this article for more information regarding this

Will there be swelling?

There will be some slight swelling and reddening of the skin but this is not very noticeable and will go away quickly after the procedure

How long does it take to heal?

Healing should take more or less 7-14 days. However, this could differ from person to person. You will expect to see the full results after a month

How soon after can I have a touch up?

We recommend a minimum of 4-6 weeks after the first session to allow the skin to heal completely before another session. Forcing another session before this duration will cause a high risk for scarring

Can I do without a touch-up?

Ideally, most people will really benefit from the touch-up session. But for some who are unable to do so because of geographical limitations, we highly recommend the powder brow procedure because it heals more consistently and less patchy than microblading therefore an urgent need for a retouch is not as necessary in most cases. Powder brow covers a bigger surface area because of the full shading and the higher amount of ink that is implanted into the skin.

Will my eyebrows still grow after Powder Brow tattoo?

Yes of course. Tattooing does not affect hair growth in any way

Can I still have Powder Brow done on me if I already have an existing eyebrow tattoo?

This depends on the opacity of the old tattoo. If it’s very dark and solid, then we would recommend having it lightened/removed first before we can tattoo on it again.

What color will be used for the ink?

The color to be used has to match the natural color of the hair of the brows. The desired results will not be achieved if an ink lighter than the natural brows will be used because it will be overpowered by the darker hairs. To match your brows to your hair color (which could vary according to your whim), makeup will have to be utilized but it can only be used after the brows have fully healed.

Will the ink turn green/blue etc?

The older, first generation pigments from many years ago had the tendency of causing some brows to discolor but we use only the newest and best cosmetic tattoo inks in the market that deliver true to color results. Our artist is also very knowledgeable in color mixing which further ensures that your desired results will be met

Is Powder Brow safe for people with diabetes/heart disease/epilepsy/pregnant/lactating etc.?

This depends on the severity of your condition and your ability to heal but we highly discourage tattoos on pregnant and lactating women. It will be best to consult with your physician before undergoing the procedure

Can I still donate blood even after Powder Brow?

According to Red Cross Philippines, “As long as the tattooing procedure was done aseptically (in a sterile manner), he/ she may donate blood one year after the procedure. This is the same with ear piercing, acupuncture, and other procedures involving needles.” We follow the same standard here in the studio so, yes you can still donate blood

Is there anything I can’t do after the procedure?

We recommend not to let your eyebrows get in contact with water within the first 3 hours after microblading. As much as possible, restrict sun exposure, swimming and excessive sweating while your eyebrows are still healing

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