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How to Prepare for Eyebrow Microblading or Powder Brow Tattoo

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

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Ok so you’ve finally decided to get that appointment down and are ready to give your brows the best makeover of your life but… how exactly do you prepare for that?

Today we list down 6 of the best ways to prepare for Microblading/Powder Brow Tattoo

  1. Book your appointment during a time where you do not have any outdoor activities and/or social events for the following 2 weeks. There will be certain restrictions with aftercare and your brows will go through healing which will not look very attractive for the meantime. Plan your schedule accordingly to avoid such mishaps.

  2. Wait at least a month or two after getting Botox, fillers or any plastic surgery procedures before you can move forward with getting your brows done. Some inflammation in the face might alter the proportions and could end up with asymmetrical results if not allowed to settle.

  3. Make sure your skin especially around the eyebrow area is in the best state to be tattooed on. Meaning, no peeling either from sunburn or a skincare product or dermatological procedure that you recently had done. Working on peeling skin will pose a huge challenge in getting the pigment in the correct layer of the skin so color retention might be a potential issue in this case. Do not deviate or change your skincare routine about 7 days before your appointment to ensure that you will not develop any possible irritation.

  4. Save references of your preferred eyebrow shape and colors to show the artist your desired results. It would be even more helpful if you can show a picture of a time that you either drew your brows on nicely or had your makeup professionally done and you really liked them. Although there is a thorough consultation prior to the actual procedure, this could really guide your artist in the direction that you want and that he/she would also recommend with his/her expert advice.

  5. Avoid any caffeine intake and painkillers on the day of your appointment as this could possibly cause more bleeding and interfere with the success of the procedure. Numbing creams and anesthetics will be applied on your brows to make sure the procedure will be as comfortable as possible.

  6. If possible, come in with ungroomed brows so the artist will be able to see your eyebrow shape and condition in its most natural state. This will help aid the artist in mapping out the best shape for you. If you already had them plucked, waxed or threaded recently, it’s still possible to move forward with the procedure. This is just an added bonus for the artist’s ease.

  7. Maintain realistic expectations.We all want to look like our favorite celebrity but because our facial structures and contours are very unique, what looks good on one person does not always translate the same on our own face. Each side of our faces is not an exact copy of the other so expect some minor differences from the left and right brows. Remember the famous saying, "Eyebrows are sisters, not twins".

Now that we have everything covered, we hope we have helped you draw one step nearer to having brows on fleek everyday! For bookings and inquiries, you may reach Dolled Up Makeup Studio & Supply on Facebook or through any of the following numbers : 09176253870 / 09257446248 / 09232310756 / 0324124688.

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