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5 Reasons Microblading Isn't For You

Microblading is probably the top beauty trend for this decade. I know for sure it is the most requested service in my studio but I actually end up convincing most clients to forgo microblading simply because they are not suitable candidates for it. More and more women are deciding to go “under the blade” for Instagram worthy brows but sometimes reality and expectation are not always in sync and here are 5 possible reasons why.

1. You have either oily, combination or sensitive skin

Skin type is the number one component that is frequently overlooked in the formula for achieving great healed results. While a skilled technician and high quality equipment are two of the top elements that could ensure the ideal results for microblading, the kind of skin that’s being worked on also factors heavily into the equation. Those crisp, fine lines will only be likely to heal the same way when it’s worked on normal skin. Oily, combination or sensitive skin will have a high risk of blurring out those extra fine lines and the hair-like effects might not be achieved.

2. You've had previously tattooed or microbladed eyebrows

Microblading needs negative space to effectively simulate the appearance of hairs. If there’s already some color tattooed into the skin, there’s a possibility that there won’t be enough contrast for the microbladed hairstrokes to show. Microblading also doesn’t effectively correct discolored eyebrows.

3. You want to minimize the need to apply eyebrow makeup daily

Healed microblading results can only offer a minimal volume boost in the eyebrows. It is best for women who already have some natural volume of eyebrow hairs and do not wear makeup at all on a daily basis. If you’re used to drawing in your eyebrows everyday or are seeking for a more dramatic difference with your natural eyebrows, microblading might not give you the results that you are seeking.

4. The natural hairs of your eyebrows are dark and coarse

Microblading is most flattering for those with naturally fine-moderate and light colored eyebrow hairs for the hairstrokes to blend seamlessly. The thin results that microblading yields simply just cannot match the density of naturally coarse and dark brows.

5. You want something low maintenance

Microblading requires a maintenance touch up every 6-12 months therefore it's not the most budget-friendly option.

But don’t worry, even if microblading isn’t for you there is another option and that’s Powder Brows.

Powder brows are longer-lasting, heal more predictably on most skin types and fade evenly through time. Microblading might be the latest thing that's being blasted on your social media feeds nowadays but most artists fail to disclose to clients that the results can widely vary based on these said factors which unfortunately leads to disappointments and microblading mistakenly getting a bad reputation. Microblading is still a great procedure for some women, given that all the factors are ideal for it.

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